WIP 17Jul2018

Time: 1.5 Hours (2 hours a few days ago)

I am at a work conference so I haven’t really been able to work on this.  But I squeezed in some time today.

Before leaving for my trip, I erased the value study of the lips and worked on the shape of the lips more. Much happier with them.  The upper lip might be slightly too large, but should be easy enough to fix.

Tonight I added some base shadows, mid-values and highlights to the face. Super basic. Also based out some very rudimentary eye shapes.  Those pupils though.  Totally wonky. Will need to make fix.

WIP 11Jul2018

Time: 4 Hours

I started over.  Just spent time sketching everything out . Took my time. The mouth is a bit of a value test in graphite. I am still not pleased with it (I think it still might be a smidge too wide and the lower lip needs work), but it is much better than the other one.  The eyes are a work in progress, but I think will look ok once I start in with markers.

Also, the armour outline is definitely better in this one.

WIP 10Jul2018

Time: 5.5 Hours

Started with markers.  Something is weird and I can’t put my finger on it.  I mean, the mouth and the nose definitely. I think the mouth might be too big and the nose too small.  And perhaps the focus of the eyes.  UGH.   Unsure, but its annoying.

Having the face behind glass really distorts stuff.  It’s an interesting challenge for sure.

At any rate, I am not particularly happy with it right now.  Hm.


WIP 09Jul2018

Time: 3.5 hours (2.0 hours previous; 1.5 hours tonight)

Roughed this out a while ago, but finessed it tonight. The eyes have been  particularly challenging. The mouth needs some more attention and the armour needs more work.

But for a rough sketch, I’m pretty happy. Especially since I was pretty convinced I would have to nix drawing her power armour and do something else. Pleased that I might not need to do that after all.

WIP 07Jul2018

Time: 5.5 hours

Added some dimension to the hair. Still needs a bit of work.  Started into the clothing and the background.

WIP 05Jul2018

Time: 3 hours

Darkened up the neck and started in on the hair.  Also started the headphones.  I think they might be off. Will need to adjust strap methinks.

Also bought a new tabletop easel. Hopefully it will help alleviate some of the back pain I get when I sit and draw for hours on end.

WIP 04Jul2018

Time: 3.5 hours

Managed to get quite a bit done today.  Neck and hair obviously need work.  The hair needs to be bigger and the neck needs more definition and better fade into his uniform. There is something weird going on with his jawline. Once I go in with darker tones, maybe that will help?

WIP 03Jul2018

Time: 2.5 hours

Eyes are mostly done. Nose and mouth still needs work. Adjusted forehead; looks better.  Need to work on facial shadows. They are a bit too light.

WIP 02Jul2018

Time: 1 Hour

Started laying down some markers.  Looking ok so far.  His forehead is too high, but easy fix with his hair.

Accidentally blopped some marker goo on the piece when I overfilled my Copics. Such a rookie mistake.  Happily, it was C0 and C1 so, not super dark. Otherwise, I would have been a super sad panda.

WIP 27Jun2018

Time: 1.25 Hours

Another new piece! This time? Alex Kamal, the Roci’s intrepid pilot.  Super rough sketch. Mapping out features.  I predict that the mouth is going to be a pain in my ass. But the headphones and hair are going to be my favourite bits.

WIP 22Jun2018

Time: 4.25 Hours

Made a lot of headway on the face.  The hat is mostly done. I am in love with the hat band.  Starting blocking out background.  Neck needs to attention.

WIP 21Jun2018

Time: 2.0 Hours

Worked on mouth and started on some stubble.  Right nostril still needs attention.

WIP 20Jun2018

Time: 3.25 Hours

Continued work on nose. Starting to get there. Highlighting is definitely helping! Right nostril needs attention.  Dimple is awesome. But, like, dimples are always awesome (#dimplefangirl). Philtrum is weird – probably too dark.

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