What’s Your Damage?

At the opening of their latest show (great show, by the way!), Cappuccino Musical Theatre announced the show they are doing next season – Heathers the Musical.  Its a musical that is based on one of the most influential films of my teenage years, Heathers.

I can’t even articulate what that flick means to me.   It is to my teen years what Star Wars is to my childhood and what Trainspotting is to my twenties.

Now,  I was never a Pretty in Pink [waves at AvD] kinda girl.  I was a bit too young.  And while I learned to appreciate his voice for teenagers of the 1980s,  John Hughes’ flicks felt too artificial.. too “perfect” to me.   They never (with the exception of The Breakfast Club) spoke to my high school and teenage experience.   There wasn’t enough darkness or angst to them. Not enough pain. But when Heathers (and Pump Up the Volume)* came along,  they were like a lightning rod for my experience.

Being a teenager was hard. There was a lot more darkness and pain involved in the average teenage experience that what Hughes was putting on the screen.  So I couldn’t identify myself in any of his characters, but then along comes Veronica Sawyer and Nora Diniro, and I could see myself in them in so many ways.

While I didn’t accidentally murder a bunch of popular kids nor did I help avoid the FCC and the fuzz, each of those characters faced similar day-to-day challenges of navigating social circles, acceptance, embracing their weirdness and their awesome, and worrying about the difficult transition from being a child to being an adult and they did it with a dark sense of humour and sensitivity that really spoke to 14 year old me.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road
On Saturday afternoon, I managed to squeeze in a matinee with some of my favourite humans.

I know there is a lot of discussion about how feminist and how there is a lack of misogyny in the flick which is absolutely fantastic and 100% true!  But, more importantly, from the start of the flick to the very end, it is a Mad Max flick.  Except only prettier than its predecessors.

Fundamentally, at its core, the Mad Max flicks are road movies.  They are all about big cars and big trucks, crazy cars and crazy trucks, and a whole lotta smashy-smashy of same.  Its about the desolation of society with stark, challenging landscapes.  Its also about a solitary man who helps people in spite of himself.   That’s it.  Mad Max has never been about complicated story lines, ambiguous villians, or changing the world.  It’s just big dumb fun.  And Mad Max: Fury Road is no exception.  It fits absolutely perfectly into the world of that George Miller created back in the 1970s.  To me, there was only really two changes improvements in this new installment.

1. The treatment of female characters has radically changed from the original film or even The Road Warrior.  There is narry a rape to be seen anywhere in this flick! [slow clap, George Miller, slow clap] Plus, Charlize Theron‘s character, Imperator Furiosa, is amazing. Just amazing.  In fact, I really believe that it is her film moreso than Max’s.   And everyone knows how I feel about the gentleman who plays Max. He’s really a supporting character in this film – the audience foothold into the flick. And can we talk about the scene when Max and Furiosa are kicking the shit out of each other? Probably my favourite scene.  Now, I don’t think Fury Road is going to change Hollywood or anything.  But its treatment of its female characters is a step in the right direction.

2. The cinematography is absolutely stunning. This is a BEAUTIFUL flick.    The palette (warm reds, yellows, and browns) is gorgeous.  I felt dusty sitting in the theatre.  Certainly much, MUCH prettier than the previous films.  So that’s always a plus for me.

I should probably mention my Tom.  He was great as Max. He wasn’t trying to be Mel Gibson. He brought his own shit to the role and he filled it exactly how I thought he would.  As always, he is awesome. Oh, this goes without saying, but man, he’s pretty. ;)

Overall, I dug the flick.  After 30 years, it was well worth the wait. George Miller did a great job of reigniting his franchise.   The same can not be said for other franchises that I love.

Now, bring on Mad Max: The Wasteland!

The Devil’s Mark

But perhaps you know it better by its common name… a cold sore. Those insidious little bastards that can absolutely demolish person’s self esteem with a teeny, tiny little tingle.

In medical jargon, cold sores are actually called herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1) and should not be confused with its close sibling, herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2) which is the type that you get on your junk from bumping uglies.   They are related, but not the same.  A lot of ill-informed people do not realize that they are different.  For example, typically, someone with HSV-1 will not pass along the virus sexually unless they are using their mouth to do some…stuff on their sexual partner’s…stuff (including just regular old smooching) while they are in the middle of an outbreak.  But if they aren’t in the middle of an outbreak, they can do all the stuff-on-stuff that they want without passing it onto their partner.   HSV-2, however, is generally only transmitted sexually, I believe. Now, that doesn’t make HSV-1 “better” than HSV-2, they are just different and having either isn’t a picnic. While only 20% of sexually active adults are diagnosed with HSV-2,  90% of the population has been exposed to and carries the HSV-1 virus, but apparently only about 20% ever experience an outbreak.

I am, unfortunately, one of those who fall within in that 20% that experienced HSV-1 outbreaks. I don’t have HSV-2 so the rest of this post is solely devoted to HSV-1 shenanigans.

I am currently in the middle of an outbreak (hence this post).  And I have been cursed with mark of the devil for as long as I can remember which leads me to believe that it was passed along to me by a parent or someone else when I was a kid.  Generally, I have about one, maybe two, outbreaks a year which isn’t bad considering I have known people who have been hexed at least once every couple of months.  And my outbreaks only occur either right after I have had a cold or if I am really stressed out and/or run down because I haven’t been sleeping or eating properly.  I suspect my current outbreak is due to the latter.

On an intellectual and medical level, dealing with the virus and an outbreak is pretty easy. It has five standard stages and is usually gone within a week to ten days.    There can be a little pain, but nothing too traumatizing.

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Podcast Editor Fail

I am the worst podcast editor in the history of podcast editors.

Well, maybe not. But close.

I have been sitting on an episode of CHICKS on FLICKS for far, far, far too long.  The episode in question was recorded on April 2nd.  And I. Still. Haven’t. Finished. Editing. It.  And because of this, we haven’t posted new content since March 31st. Uuuuuugh. Neerrrrrgh. Blllllargh.

To make matters worse, we have even recorded our next, NEXT episode which AvD will probably be finished editing this weekend.   I am so tardy and really piss-poor at time management sometimes.

Now, to be fair, several Saturdays ago, I had actually gotten through three quarters of the episode and it was going awesome.  I was editing while imbibing several glasses of wine (ok, a bottle and a half – don’t judge me!) Normally it was no big as this is a usual practice for me since editing can be such a slough.   Only this time, after eight hours of editing, the worst thing happened.  I managed to delete the entire edited podcast on one fell swoop.  Do not ask me how.  I still don’t know.  There was much cursing, yelling and perhaps a frustrated tear or two.  It was not great.

Fast forward several weeks, and I have barely even touched the thing.  Primarily because my schedule has been fubar’d because I am in the middle of a show.   But! I will get the damn thing edited this week – if it kills me.  I just need to figure out a way to squeeze it into my schedule. :/  Between going to a show on Friday, Mad Max glory on Saturday, some production and tech scheduling meetings, a stumblethrough, and trying to take my Female Parental Unit out for a belated Mother’s Day brunch, it could be tricksy.  :/

Thankfully, AvD has been extremely gracious and patient about my abysmal editing turnaround and schedule. She hasn’t bugged me once, but I know I probably can’t put it much further. Especially if she gets her editing done before me. ;)

And for something completely unrelated, here are two awesome trailers dropped yesterday to make up for that piece of shit Jem trailer:

Crimson Peak:


Both look really awesome. Especially the latter. I was surprised how much I liked it. It’s about time we had a solo female superhero… anything.  Can’t wait.

Jem and the, uhm, What?

The first trailer for the Jem and the Holograms flick dropped yesterday.

What a steaming pile of shit.

They have taken a beloved 1980s cartoon classic that was full of camp, fun, actual holograms, epic eye makeup, 80s fashion awesome, a rad super-computer and the goddamn Misfits, and turned it into a cesspool of emotional garbage wrapped in one of the usual “evols of fame” tropes that makes me want to yak.  I mean, there was no Synergy (!???!) instead it’s Juliette Lewis who created Jem (what the actual fuck?) and, as far as I can tell, no Misfits which is just a fucking travesty.

Clearly the filmmakers have no clue what Jem is all about. We don’t want some angsty teenage coming of age musician and fame bullshit. We want HOLOGRAMS. We want STARLIGHT HOUSE (and MUSIC). We want SUPERCOMPUTERS.  We want the BATTLE OF THE BANDS.  We want KEYTARS.  We want the GODDAMN MISFITS.


I really wanted it to be good and awesome. But alas, this does not appear to be in my future. My 11 year old heart is breaking.

Upside?  At least we still have the AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL comic by IDW.  I will take that over a second rate pseudo-flick anyday.

But yeah, if you are feeling masochistic, you can view the horror below.

Three Days!

Guys!  Three days!

I don’t have tickets yet and I am not actually seeing it on opening night!


But mark my words, I will see it before the weekend is out though!

And yeah, yeah, I am resurrecting my blog. Mostly to cull my Facebook activities, I post too much and spend too much time thrusting my epic nerdiness upon my friends list.  Now I have this space to heap all of that junk on. And perhaps an original idea or two.  But I’m not holding my breath on that one and you probably shouldn’t either. ;)

Let’s hope I don’t accidentally delete all of the entries, archives and design files this time.