WIP 20Jun2018

Time: 3.25 Hours

Continued work on nose. Starting to get there. Highlighting is definitely helping! Right nostril needs attention.  Dimple is awesome. But, like, dimples are always awesome (#dimplefangirl). Philtrum is weird – probably too dark.

WIP 19Jun2018

Time: 2.25 Hours

Worked on eyes and nose. Nose looks ridiculous – super smushed. Needs more highlighting and shadows.

WIP 18Jun2018

Time: 1.5 Hours

Finessed hat and clothing.  Roughed in some shadow.

PLEASE NOTE:  Shitty lighting = bad photo. [facepalm]

WIP 16Jun2018

Time: 1.75 Hours

New piece!  Super rough sketch. Mapping out features.  Might need a bit of tweaking – especially mouth. Hat needs to be fixed. It’s a bit lopsided.

But so far, so good.

WIP 11Jun2018

Time: 1.75 Hours

Worked on hair. Needs more highlights/individual strands.  But looks really muddy in the photo (not as muddy in the really-real world). Super roughed in clothing and roughed in background.

Approaching the usual mid-drawing “Gawd! I hate everything about this!” phase.  Gotta keep pushing through.

WIP 10June2018

Time: 1.5 Hours

Ear(s) are more or less done.  Might need a bit more shadow/highlight . Started mapping out hair and neck. Stubble needs a bit more blending.

WIP 09Jun2018

Time: 6.5 Hours (approximately)

Paper was trashed so bleed and slippery paper wasn’t fixable.  I think it was the gel pen’s fault*. So, I started over. Again.  Sketched out face/features last night for about 2 hours and then re-started in earnest with my Copics for about 4.5 hours tonight.

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WIP 07Jun2018

Time: 1.5 Hours (approximately)

Fleshing out eyes and pushing shadows.  Markers misbehaving for some reason tonight. Super slippery and lotsa bleed. Made white pencil & gelly pen almost impossible. Can’t nail down highlights.  It was weird & annoying. Will try again tomorrow.

PLEASE NOTE: Photo is super dark.  Not this dark in really-real life.

WIP 06Jun2018

Time: 2.5 Hours (approximately)

Adjusted some of his facial features (eye and nose) in pencil and started blocking out shadows with markers. Need to remember to pre-erase some of the pencil marks.

Also, I did some marker maintenance and re-filled most of them. Used the booster needle for the first time which was awesome, but overfilled several of them.  It is super easy to overfill them with this method. Need to remember that like with all things, less is more.

WIP 04Jun2018

WIP - 05Jun2018

Time: 2.5 Hours (approximately)

I was dissatisfied with the last drawing I did of Wes Chatham as Amos Burton (aka Murdersnuggles) from The Expanse.   So I am drawing him again!  This time I figured I would post a series of WIP images as I went along. It might give some insight into my process.

Right now, we are at the Sketching in Pencil phase.

This step is fundamental as it will map out the proportions and anatomy of your subject.  Typically, if there are any missteps in this phase,  they will carry on through to the final product.

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Welcome to my new art blog… portfolio… website… thingie.

Honestly, I don’t know what this exactly is yet.  I’ll probably post some work in progress, maybe some tips, tricks and hacks, probably some process/art learning stuff, and any other interesting thing I can glean from the dark recesses of the internet.

But, I do know that I wanted a central repository for my work that wasn’t just shitty quality photos taken on my bathroom floor and posted on various social media platforms.

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