WIP - 05Jun2018

Time: 2.5 Hours (approximately)

I was dissatisfied with the last drawing I did of Wes Chatham as Amos Burton (aka Murdersnuggles) from The Expanse.   So I am drawing him again!  This time I figured I would post a series of WIP images as I went along. It might give some insight into my process.

Right now, we are at the Sketching in Pencil phase.

This step is fundamental as it will map out the proportions and anatomy of your subject.  Typically, if there are any missteps in this phase,  they will carry on through to the final product.

A couple tips:

  • When you are sketching out your subject, be sure to check your drawing in a mirror.   Reversing your drawing in a mirror is an invaluable tool that will allow you to see your drawing with new eyes.  It’s actually kind of amazing how quickly issues will jump out at you. I can’t imagine drawing anything without a mirror.
  • Turn your drawing upside down for a little while.  It is really easy to get stuck on body parts and what parts are supposed to look like.  For example, you know that an eye is oval, so you will draw it as an oval (even if your reference isn’t oval).   It is really easy to fall into this trap.  By spinning your drawing upside, you are forced to draw what you actually see; not what you think you see.
  • Don’t be afraid to start over.  There is no shame in saying “This shit isn’t working, I should start over.”  Sometimes, shit just doesn’t work.    Sure, its sucks to start over if you are almost done a drawing (or in this case, completely done).  But unless you are doing a commission, you are your most important audience member. If you aren’t satisfied, then start that shit over.