My name is Kristine A and I have been an artist since I was zygote.   But, I have been a realistic portrait artist for almost 20 years.

Realistic portraiture is like a puzzle for me.  Each piece presents an unique, problem solving dilemma that I really enjoy attacking and conquering.

I work primarily in markers, but have also done my share of graphite and acrylic portraits.  In a past life, I was an illustrator who focused on pin-up style work.  I have two very different styles.

Most of my current work is fanart because I like the subject matter and it makes me smile.  There is nothing worse than drawing something you aren’t passionate about.  No, thanks!

I am very enthusiastic and fervent about art and art learning. I have a life long love of education and I am constantly trying to improve myself and my craft through learning. I also am a strong believer that all humans are creative and artistic.

By day, I’m the resident data analyst, database wrangler  & SQL geek at a professional theatre company.  At night, when I am not drawing, I spend a lot of time watching films, obsessing over The Expanse (#murdersnuggles), being a science fangirl, playing video games, and volunteering my time at a couple local community theatres where I have fabricated props, produced, set designed and directed amateur productions – usually musical theatre.

I currently reside in Canada, I have an awesome dog named Ripley and Han Solo is my spirit animal.

I can be found on social media at: