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WIP 03Jul2018

Time: 2.5 hours

Eyes are mostly done. Nose and mouth still needs work. Adjusted forehead; looks better.  Need to work on facial shadows. They are a bit too light.

WIP 02Jul2018

Time: 1 Hour

Started laying down some markers.  Looking ok so far.  His forehead is too high, but easy fix with his hair.

Accidentally blopped some marker goo on the piece when I overfilled my Copics. Such a rookie mistake.  Happily, it was C0 and C1 so, not super dark. Otherwise, I would have been a super sad panda.

WIP 27Jun2018

Time: 1.25 Hours

Another new piece! This time? Alex Kamal, the Roci’s intrepid pilot.  Super rough sketch. Mapping out features.  I predict that the mouth is going to be a pain in my ass. But the headphones and hair are going to be my favourite bits.

WIP 22Jun2018

Time: 4.25 Hours

Made a lot of headway on the face.  The hat is mostly done. I am in love with the hat band.  Starting blocking out background.  Neck needs to attention.

WIP 21Jun2018

Time: 2.0 Hours

Worked on mouth and started on some stubble.  Right nostril still needs attention.

WIP 20Jun2018

Time: 3.25 Hours

Continued work on nose. Starting to get there. Highlighting is definitely helping! Right nostril needs attention.  Dimple is awesome. But, like, dimples are always awesome (#dimplefangirl). Philtrum is weird – probably too dark.

WIP 19Jun2018

Time: 2.25 Hours

Worked on eyes and nose. Nose looks ridiculous – super smushed. Needs more highlighting and shadows.

WIP 18Jun2018

Time: 1.5 Hours

Finessed hat and clothing.  Roughed in some shadow.

PLEASE NOTE:  Shitty lighting = bad photo. [facepalm]

WIP 16Jun2018

Time: 1.75 Hours

New piece!  Super rough sketch. Mapping out features.  Might need a bit of tweaking – especially mouth. Hat needs to be fixed. It’s a bit lopsided.

But so far, so good.

WIP 11Jun2018

Time: 1.75 Hours

Worked on hair. Needs more highlights/individual strands.  But looks really muddy in the photo (not as muddy in the really-real world). Super roughed in clothing and roughed in background.

Approaching the usual mid-drawing “Gawd! I hate everything about this!” phase.  Gotta keep pushing through.

WIP 10June2018

Time: 1.5 Hours

Ear(s) are more or less done.  Might need a bit more shadow/highlight . Started mapping out hair and neck. Stubble needs a bit more blending.

WIP 09Jun2018

Time: 6.5 Hours (approximately)

Paper was trashed so bleed and slippery paper wasn’t fixable.  I think it was the gel pen’s fault*. So, I started over. Again.  Sketched out face/features last night for about 2 hours and then re-started in earnest with my Copics for about 4.5 hours tonight.

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WIP 07Jun2018

Time: 1.5 Hours (approximately)

Fleshing out eyes and pushing shadows.  Markers misbehaving for some reason tonight. Super slippery and lotsa bleed. Made white pencil & gelly pen almost impossible. Can’t nail down highlights.  It was weird & annoying. Will try again tomorrow.

PLEASE NOTE: Photo is super dark.  Not this dark in really-real life.

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